專利PRO-U智能降溫系統 (PRO-U™ EPID-COOLING SYSTEM)在發射激光前毫幾秒發放-20度冷凍劑Cryogen,急速冷卻皮膚表層,同時令底層毛囊根部、靜脈或其他結構溫度保持不變。此技術可令更高激光能量治療過程中被傳遞,大大減低灼傷、疼痛,省卻麻醉藥帶來的不適及不便。電腦程式控制-20度冷凍劑Cryogen停留皮表層時間,預防灼傷同時,絶不會凍傷皮膚。現時配有內置PRO-U™ EPID-COOLING SYSTEM的只有CANDELA研發的當中數款激光脫毛儀器,包括PRO-U™ 24mm LASER TECHNOLOGY.

電腦程式控制-20度冷凍劑Cryogen停留皮表層時間,預防灼傷同時,絶不會凍傷皮膚。現時配有內置PRO-U™ EPID-COOLING SYSTEM的只有CANDELA研發的當中數款激光脫毛儀器,當中以PRO-U™ 24mm LASER TECHNOLOGY為最新最頂級型號。


“The PRO-U™ EPID-COOLING SYSTEM is not in skin contact with the skin surface. Rather, liquid drops of cryogen are sprayed onto the skin surface. The cryogen used is a non-flammable, environmentally compatible freon substitute. The cryogen forms a liquid pool on the skin surface. The temperature of the pool is between minus 30 - minus 60 degrees centigrade. That is obviously far below the "frostbite" temperature mentioned above. The cryogen subsequently evaporates and removes heat from the skin. Because the spurt durations are so short, the cooling remains confined to the epidermis and does not affect the temperature of the underlying port wine stain blood vessels. This spatial selectivity of the cooling is what allows much higher laser light dosages to be used while at the same time minimizing injury to the skin. ”

J. Stuart Nelson, M.D., Ph.D.,
Professor of Surgery, of the Beckman Laser Institute and Medical Clinic. Inventor of the PRO-U™ EPID-COOLING SYSTEM used on Candela’s lasers.